Woman found alive five days after going missing in Tallebudgera Valley

A woman has been found alive in bushland, six days after she went missing in Tallebudgera Valley.

26-year-old Yang Chen was last seen on Wednesday morning near Gorge Falls.

Authorities had been scouring the area, though the search had to be suspended due to the heavy rain in the area.


It resumed over the weekend, with police divers joining the search today.

Police have now confirmed that Ms Chen was found in the area around Gorge Falls at 11.00am.

The area where the woman was found | Photo: QLD Police

She’s been taken to Robina Hospital for treatment, though Gary Berkowitz from Queensland Ambulance says she was in good spirits when they saw her at the scene.

“The lady’s been lost for six days at a national park on the Gold Coast, after being separated from her partner.

“I think we’re fortunate the weather’s been quite warm, and she had ample access to water.

“The real heroes in this case would be the QPS and SES, who have been searching extensively over the last four days for her with up to 30 rescuers looking for her at some times.

“She appeared quite well, she walked to the ambulance, and a kind gentleman who lived next to the park made a sandwich for her, which she no doubt enjoyed.

“She had lost her shoes, and I believe a police officer had given her some socks to wear so her feet could be protected for the walk down, but she certainly looked like she’d been through quite a trauma,” Mr Berkowitz said.

Sergeant Mitch Gray from Gold Coast Water Police says they were close to calling the search off.

“Look she’s very very lucky that we found her alive, while there was a good supply of water, it doesn’t appear at this stage like she’s gone and drank a lot of water.

“She’s very dehydrated, very unwell, but she should be fine once the hospital treats her and she goes home to her family.

“Today we were very fortunate to have members of the Gold Coast Bushwalking Club with us, we had a team of them up there, with police trail bikes, the water police, and we had our police dive squad up there searching.

“It was nice to be able to find her, and find her where we were looking today, in our targeted area.

“It was basically the last piece of the puzzle for us, and if she hadn’t been found there, we were sort of at the end of where we were going to pull it up,” Sergeant Gray said.

The search was hampered by the torrential rain, which began the day that Ms Chen went missing, forcing authorities to suspend the search for almost a day.

Sergeant Gray said that it was one of the most difficult searches he’d ever been involved in.

“On the day she went missing, by the time we got there on scene, we had 30 minutes of good searching, before the torrential downpour set in.

“And as we know that set in for over the next 24 hours.

“My team tried to reach her through heavily flooded causeways on the Thursday, but we were just pushed back by the sheer current and the volume of water pushing through there.

“Friday we were able to get a really good search done, calling people from Surf Life Saving Queensland, our SES, we used local experts who’ve lived there their whole lives, they were invaluable, the park rangers, and Polair helicopter and Rescue 500 helicopter.

“From Friday until today, it’s been a massive undertaking but we’ve been very lucky for the weather to ease and that’s definitely helped us find her today,” Sergeant Gray said.

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