Woman gets the ultimate pay-back in a McDonald’s drive-thru

Here’s your viral fix for the day ladies and gentlemen (slow news day, sorry)… this one’s funny though.

Heather Gipson from the US has gone viral on Facebook this week, after she recounted a hilarious Micky D’s (Maccas) drive-thru experience.

While taking her time to order (because we DO NOT want to get the Maccas order wrong) the person driving the car behind her became increasingly impatient.


“The lady behind me honked at me and flipped me off because I was taking to long to order….” her Facebook post reads.

What happens next, might shock you: Heather paid for her food! Even though the lady was flipping her off!

So we’re thinking ‘how sweet!’ right? Heather you lovely soul!

“I moved up and she leaned out the window looking all crazy at me because the teller told her I paid for her food. She felt embarrassed,” Heather’s post continues…

But in the ultimate get-back, Heather was determined to teach this lady a manners lesson, so when she gets to the food window, with an embarrassed lady looking at her in her rear-view mirror from the car behind, she shows the attendant both food receipts… and takes both orders!!!

“I paid for it, it’s mine! Now she has to wait even longer. ?

“So I Honked my horn and screamed back, “Patience is a virtue”?

“She gonna learn today! ? – Heather’s post finished. 

Short and simple guys, play nice in the Maccas drive through.

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This story starts off so well untill she dropped to her level.
Much better ending if she just paid for the ladies food (who was obviously having a bad day) and moved on.

Gotta love when people see something on Reddit and try to act like they did it, maybe next time they should try not to copy the post word for word.