Woman hid dead husband’s body in home for weeks with neighbours complaining of smell

A WOMAN has been busted hiding her dead husband in their home after neighbours complained of a stomach-turning smell.

The bizarre scene was discovered in Titahi Bay in Porirua, about half an hour north of the New Zealand capital of Wellington on Sunday.

The couple are reportedly aged in their 50s and are originally from Kolkata, India.


The gruesome discovery was made when a neighbour noticed something wasn’t right when she went to speak to the wife about feeding her cat whilst she went on holiday.

It’s alleged the wife would only speak to the neighbour through a crack in the kitchen window and explained that her husband was unavailable but that she would feed the cat.

The neighbour reported the foul smell to police, who later went to the home and made the discovery of a body laying beneath a sheet.

The woman was handcuffed, but has been placed in community care and is not under arrest.

Police are waiting on toxicology results to determine the mans cause of death, however he appeared to have no visible injuries.