Lollipop lady hit by car outside Gold Coast school

A lollipop lady has been injured after being hit by a car outside a school on the Gold Coast this afternoon.

Emergency crews, including critical care and high acuity response paramedics, were called to Turpin Road in Labrador just after 3.00pm.

Upon arrival, they found a 49-year-old woman suffering ankle and head injuries after being hit by a vehicle.


Police confirmed the woman was conducting lollipop lady duties outside Labrador State School when she was struck by a passing motorist.

“She was out on the crossing with her lollipop getting ready for the kids to cross the road and she has been collected by a motorist who has unfortunately collided into her and knocked her down the road,” Qld Police told 7NEWS.

The officer confirmed the driver is okay, but still in shock, along with the children who witnessed the accident.

“It was a low speed collision and fortunately no kids were crossing at the time, but of  course they did see what happened so they’re very upset and we will be talking to the school to offer what we can in terms of support for those kids.”

The lollipop lady was treated on scene before being taken to the Gold Coast University Hospital in a stable condition.

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How the heck did they hit her..
I hope the driver gets charged..
Far out that poor lady..
Labrador school Is around cnr from me & people are always driving like idiots in the school zone areas..
People need to focus more & stop speeding then things like this wouldn’t happen as often or at all..

I was there as it happened, I dont know how they didnt see the lady . who doesn’t watch where they are going in a car right outside a school at a pedestrian crossing , luckily they were going pretty slow but that doesn’t excuse the fact they weren’t paying attention.
It was pretty much 3:05pm when it happened so a lot of kids saw it happen.

I did this job for a year at a school I worked at, the people driving near schools are crazy I was almost hit several times 🙁