Woman hospitalised after golf buggies collide in Hope Island

A woman’s recovering in hospital this morning, after an incident involving golf buggies on the northern Gold Coast.

Emergency services rushed to Glengallow Way in Hope Island just after 6.30 pm, following reports of a golf buggy crash.

On arrival, it appeared two golf buggies collided at a location nearby.


A woman was briefly assessed at the scene before being taken to the hospital for observation.

She’s believed to be in a stable condition at Pindara Private Hospital.

Paramedics did not confirm her age.

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What on earth were they doing driving around in the dark at 6.30pm? They would not be playing golf. Golf buggies are used frequently there on a specific path to take them directly to the local shopping centre .If two buggies can collide there, then we should just be thankful that the drivers were not in cars on a main road..

Try living at the marina at the Hope Island shops. You take your life into your hands going out or to the shops. Half need to be breath tested and done for drink driving. They think they own the road and don’t even look. Some of the drivers can’t see 10 cms in front of them. It’s safer to cross the freeway in peak hour traffic than go across the crossing here. I’m surprised there haven’t been more accidents. Wonder if the drivers both got breath tested.