Woman jailed for consuming poison to kill unborn baby

WARNING – Readers may find details in this story confronting.

A woman has been jailed for consuming poison she bought on the internet to kill her unborn baby boy.

A UK court heard Natalie Towers phoned paramedics when she realised she was bleeding and having a miscarriage.


The first paramedic to arrive on scene recalled the moment, stating that she found the small but fully formed baby head first in the toilet and the mother telling her: “It’s dead, I know it’s dead.”

The 24-year-old later confessed to police that she took tablets although ‘she didn’t think she was that far along’.

In the UK women can seek termination at any stage before 24 weeks.

The court was told the cause of death of the infant was oxygen starvation with Ms Towers sentenced to two years and six months jail.