Woman ‘partially sucked out of plane window’ after engine explosion on Southwest flight

One person has died and several others have been left injured after a Southwest Airlines plane engine exploded during a flight in the US.

The jet’s left engine blew shortly after taking off from New York’s La Guardia Airport, with shrapnel from the explosion causing a window to shatter.

It’s reported a woman was partially sucked out of the shattered window, with passengers forced to pull her back inside the aircraft before the pilot made an emergency landing at Philadelphia International Airport.


Todd Bauer, the father of one of the passengers told WACU: “One passenger, a woman, was partially … was drawn out towards the out of the plane … was pulled back in by other passengers.”

Authorities are yet to confirm if the person that has died was the woman who was partially sucked out of the window.

In a statement posted to Twitter, Southwest Airlines said there were 143 passengers on board, along with five crew members.

Investigations are continuing.