Woman receives text from man requesting ‘refund’ for drink he shouted her

Is chivalry dead? This young woman seems to think so – and it appears she has good reason to!

An 18-year-old woman has been left gobsmacked after receiving a text message from a guy requesting a ‘refund’ be transferred into his bank account for a drink he shouted her at a bar, weeks ago!

The awkward conversation was uploaded to Twitter by the young woman on Thursday with the caption “So this just happened”.


“Hi, hope you don’t mind love but can you transfer me back £6.50,” the chap wrote in the text.

The UK woman replied “Who’s this” after failing to remember she exchanged numbers with the stranger after he offered to buy her a drink in a bar a few weeks ago.

“Liam from the Viper Rooms a few weeks ago,” he replied. I bought you a drink? Can I have money back for it. Will give you sort code and account number. Thanks.”

Politely, the young woman responded with: “No worries, what’s your bank details?”

The conversation has has since gone viral with more than 15,000 shares and 38,000 likes.