Woman shot dead by partner in tragic murder-suicide ahead of White Ribbon Day

Geelong woman Monique Denahy had planned to leave her abusive partner but he killed her before she could escape, a Federal MP and close friend revealed.

Liberal MP Sarah Henderson broke down in tears while speaking of the 49-year-old mother-of-two in parliament overnight.

“Three days ago, Monique was murdered,” Ms Henderson said. “She was murdered by her American partner in the US. It was a deliberate and calculated murder-suicide.


“Monique had decided to leave the relationship and return to Australia, but she never made it home.

“We have to break this cycle of violence.

“I say to all Australians, wear your White Ribbon, take the pledge and please stand up and speak out against family violence.”

Monique was allegedly shot dead by her partner Daniel Millner, before he turned the gun on himself in their Florida home over the weekend.

Ms Henderson spoke of the tragedy ahead of today’s White Ribbon Day, a day in which the nation calls for an end to domestic violence.