Woman swallowed by sinkhole

A Melbourne woman swallowed by a watery sinkhole has been rescued.

Forget the fictional movie ‘On Hostile Ground’, Australia is experiencing real life sinkholes in their own backyards.

Christina Beaumont, 52, was hanging out washing in the backyard of a friend’s house in Springvale South when a three-meter sinkhole opened up beneath her feet shortly after 11.30am.


Beaumont fell into deep underground water and was forced to tread water for half an hour to prevent more mud collapsing around her.

Eventually hearing her cries, neighbours contacted the emergency services, who hauled her out with a rope.

According to The Age journalist, Marissa Calligeros, Operations Officer Paul Carrigg said  “We have doorknocked all residents in the street and advised them to stay indoors until council engineers investigate further.”

It is believed the woman fell into a sinkhole formed on the site of an old well, which had not been properly filled in.

Picture: Eddie Jim

Picture: Eddie Jim