Woman taken by saltwater crocodile while fishing with family

POLICE have found the body of an Aboriginal woman taken by a saltwater crocodile while fishing with her family in the Northern Territory.

The woman was taken while fishing with six other women and children at a billabong in East Arnhem Land about 10.30am on Friday.

Police Commander Tony Fuller said the woman was in waste deep water collecting mussels when her family members noticed she was missing.


It took police three hours to get to the remote scene, about 206km southwest of Yirrkala.

Following an extensive search of the area, police found the woman’s body about 5pm, less than 1km from where she was taken.

The woman reportedly worked in the area as a ranger. Her age was not immediately known.

Fatal crocodile attacks are said to have increased dramatically in the top end since culling ended in 1971.

More than 16 people have been killed by crocs in the last 13 years, compared to just 10 deaths in the 33 years to 2004.