Woman who allegedly lied on Qld border pass found at campsite

A woman has been fined thousands of dollars after allegedly lying on her border declaration pass to enter the sunshine state from New South Wales.

The 50-year-old was tracked down by police at a campsite in Townsville overnight.

She has since been forced into mandatory two week hotel quarantine at her own expense.


Police say the woman allegedly crossed the state border from New South Wales by road on Tuesday before flying from Brisbane to Townsville the following day.

She has been issued with a Penalty Infringement Notice for breaching the Queensland Chief Health Officer’s Border Direction and falsifying a border declaration pass.

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Lock her up – she should go to
Jail for what she did

This is about saving lifes!!!

50 year old should know better than to tell porky-pies! Costs her over 4 grand in fines and I think the hotel quarantine will cost more than a camp site for two weeks. s***ed in.