Woman’s emotional plea to find Aussie dad hits social media

A WOMAN desperately trying to track down her biological Australian father has today posted an emotional plea on social media in the hope someone who knows him will see it.

Kathleen, who is now 25 and lives in London, started to search for her father whom she has never met five years ago.

On Wednesday morning, Kathleen took her search to Facebook. It has since captivated hundreds of Australians.


She has limited information of her father, but says his name is Thomas Store and he used to live in Sydney and work in a bank.

Kathleen hopes her Facebook plea will be shared by everyone who reads it which in turn will give her a better chance at finding her father, or someone who may know him.

Here is Kathleen’s plea

My name is Kathleen and I need all the help that I can get. I want to find my Dad whom I have never met since I was born.

I am now 25 years old and I have been thinking I should not waste more time for the years pass by so fast and I might be too late if I put off my search for him.

I don’t want to get old and regret not looking for him. I am not sure if he will acknowledge me but I don’t want to quit yet.

The search started 5 years ago but it is not easy to look for someone when you only have his name and nationality.

I have already gone to the Australian Embassy but they said they don’t divulge information about their citizens.

I have tried Red Cross and some friends residing in Australia but to no avail.

His name is Thomas Storey and he lived in Sydney, Australia.


My mother’s name on the other hand is Lida Vargas.

I want to do everything, with God’s help, to find him.

And now I have decided to ask help through Facebook and I would appreciate it if you would spare a moment to share this to everyone until this status reach my dad or anyone who knows him.

He had a business before in the Philippines and had worked in a bank in Australia but aside from those information there is nothing more I know about him.

All his letters and photographs had been lost without me having the chance to catch a glimpse of his face or reading one of his letters to my mother.

I haven’t had the chance to live with my parents and be a family but I believe that God has other plans.

He has always been good to me and I am very blessed to be where I am right now.

I need to know where I come from, like everybody else.

I have been inspired by stories of people who found each other because they never stopped.

Some said to let it be and not look for him but I just need to see my dad.

If I had the resources I would have went to Australia to find him.

For years I have been looking forward to that day when I can finally see him. And now that I am working away from my home country, the desire to see him intensifies.

Please, friends, share this to everybody and may God bless you.”