Woman’s Melbourne Cup winnings stolen by heartless Facebook friend

A WOMAN from Perth has learnt the hard way about the consequences of posting selfies on Facebook, especially with a winning ticket.

Chantelle backed the $100, 1 winner Prince Of Penzance in the Melbourne Cup and did what anyone else in this day and age would do – posted a selfie to Facebook.

“Winner winner chicken dinner” read the joyous caption alongside the image of her and her ticket.


However, one eagle-eyed and heartless Facebook friend caught a glimpse of the ticket and did the unthinkable.

They cashed in on Chantelle’s winnings by using the barcode displayed perfectly on her selfie at an automated machine and claimed the total $825 in winnings.

Chantelle only found out 15 minutes after posting the selfie, when she took her winning ticket to the TAB only to be told it had already been claimed.

“To the low life who is obviously my friend on Facebook and used my photo to claim our winnings. You’re a massive dick. You ruined my day,” she later posted to Facebook.

PHOTO: Facebook

PHOTO: Facebook