Surfer’s terrifying close encounter with shark at Cabarita

A surfer has managed to escape uninjured after a frightening close encounter with a shark at Cabarita.

Linda Marchant Sinclair was surfing at the beach in northern NSW yesterday afternoon when the shark reportedly attacked her foil board.

In a post on Facebook, the woman warned people to be careful if surfing or swimming in the area.


“Don’t go surfing at Caba Headland… Big shark attacked foil,” the woman wrote alongside photos of the damaged board, which had a shark tooth protruding from it.

She said she was “all ok” but admitted the encounter was “very scary”.

It comes after a member of the public reported seeing a “tank” of a Great White believed to be about 3.5 metres in length, in the same spot yesterday.

“Large white shark appeared out of nowhere to the left of me,” the report on Dorsal Shark Reports said.

“It was travelling in a SW direction about 50 metres from shore… So close I could see the eye and head with the pectoral fin gliding underneath me.

“Alerted all surfers to go in.”