Women paraded naked and assaulted by WA Police, shocking CCC report finds

ALEX HEINKE reports.

A woman was bashed and assaulted by several police officers resulting in a badly broken finger and her laying naked on the floor of the East Perth watch house.

The shocking details were revealed in a Corruption and Crime Commission report about the, which also revealed how she was paraded naked in front of other officers.


The CCC condemned the conduct of Perth officers involved and raised serious concerns of the negative and toxic culture throughout the WA Police force.

The incident occurred in April 2013 when the woman was arrested for disorderly behaviour before being  taken into custody in a Perth watch house.

The CCC report found that after being taken to the lockup the woman found herself naked, lying face down on the floor, with a number of officers holding her down with one punching her in the shoulder.

Other officers also hit her with another ripping a ring off her finger with such force that it caused a serious fracture.

The CCC said it would monitor action taken by WA Police to address the issues raised in the report and implement the commission’s recommendations.

However, it would be up to Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan to determine if criminal or disciplinary action was taken against the officers involved.