Should women really have equal rights to every job?

What I’m about to say is controversial and I’m sure I’ll receive a lot of flak for saying it, but I think it’s an important discussion to have.

Here’s the thing: I’m all for equality. I am a feminist. I am 100% in favour of women’s rights and believe unequivocally that women and men deserve equal pay.

I am also the mother of two little girls and I want them to grow up with the self-belief that they can do or have or be anything or anyone they want to be, if they put their mind to it – whether it’s a nurse, a nail technician, a neurosurgeon or a ninja spy.


However, as much as I believe that women should be afforded every opportunity afforded to our counterparts with dangly bits, there’s one part of the discussion that is hardly ever referenced…

And that is, the role of the mother.

Mother’s are important – really important.

The role that a mum plays in nurturing their child and making them feel loved, safe and secure, especially in the first five years of their life, can’t be underestimated.

Right now, women are increasingly working harder and longer, smashing through glass ceilings and proving to the big boys that they can the job just as well as them.

And it’s true – we can. But at what cost?

I can’t help but wonder if, in our quest for equality, we’re diminishing the role of motherhood by acting as if women can and should reach for the same lifestyle that men have traditionally had?

Do we really want young mums with new babies in work roles that have them travelling away from their families for long periods, or working 15-hour days, or spending weekends on the job, or have them entering dangerous situations?

What impact is that going to have on little ones who need their mums for crucial development, when mum is nowhere to be found?

Your career is important – I’m a working mother and our family relies on my income to pay the bills, so I know just how important career is.

But the fact is, as a mother of young children, your main priority should be your kids.

My worry is that the pendulum will swing too far – and in 20 years time, are we going to have childcare centres over-run with 6-week-old babies, their mums madly pumping milk in between meetings at work.

What do you think – should women really be striving towards equality at every level in their career?

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