Wondering why it’s so hazy outside today? Here’s why!

Gold Coasters woke up to a cloud of dust hanging over the city this morning due to windy conditions yesterday.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, the dust was picked up from the interior, causing hazy skies over South East Queensland and north east NSW.

“That dust has originated from eastern parts of South Australia with strong, windy conditions over the past couple of days,” Forecaster Kimba Wong said.


“Those westerly winds have pushed that dust all the way over to South East Qld and Northern East NSW this morning.

“Visibility in that dust haze has been down to 4 or 5km in some parts.”

Ms Wong said the dust haze is expected to linger for most of today, before clearing later this afternoon or tonight.

“Around the South East we’ve had wind gusts in excess of 40 to 50km an hour, a little lighter than yesterday,” she said.

“The reason we’ve had these windy conditions, particularly yesterday, is we’ve had a trough moving offshore and that really gave us those gusty westerly winds.”

The weather bureau said pretty strong winds are likely to continue over the next couple of days before really peaking again on Saturday.

“We’re expected to get another pulse of westerly’s coming through on the weekend, and with the dry, windy conditions that we’ve got over the next couple of days, we are expecting high fire dangers,” Ms Wong warned.