I won’t judge you unless…

I try, like most people, not to be judgemental. I usually do well at remembering everyone has a different story, and that briefly interacting with someone doesn’t mean I know them or their circumstances.

I don’t tend to classify myself as a snob and I like to think I’m accepting of everyone, regardless of background, religion or social status.

But I do have one exception: those who spit in public.


If I see you spit in public, I will judge you as being seriously gross. And you best believe I will make it known to those in the immediate vicinity that you spat, and that it’s a really disgusting thing to do.

I’ve seen it happen three times in the last week, including once outside my kid’s school.

Look, I understand the need to spit – we all experience it and as we enter flu season, the urge to expel becomes more frequent. We’re human beings and part of being a human is dealing bodily fluid.

But just because we all have that in common, it doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to loudly, brazenly expel said bodily fluid from your mouth in full view of others at a million miles an hour until it hits the ground with a little “splap”.

No one wants to see that, or hear that, or carefully step over the little puddle you left behind.

It is plain gross behaviour.

Did your parents never teach you that others don’t like seeing (or hearing) the fluids that come out of your body?!

If you really, truly find yourself find in a desperate situation and you genuinely must spit, then please, for the sake of your fellow man: do it discretely. Ideally, find a bathroom, a tissue, or a garbage bin. But if you have to do it in a public place, aim towards a garden bed at the very least.

Because at the end of the day, spitting is for llamas and camels. Let’s try to remember that we walk on two feet not four, shall we?