Woolworths and Coles to limit number of people in supermarkets

Queuing to do the groceries is about to become a reality for Australians, with Coles and Woolworths moving to limit the number of people in stores.

From Monday, the supermarket giants will be limiting the number of customers allowed in store from time to time by using a one in, one out policy to further enhance social distancing.

Woolworths Supermarkets Managing Director Claire Peters said how many people are allowed inside to shop at any one time will be dependent on the size of the store.


“Depending on how busy the store is, we may limit the number of people entering the store from time to time. Customer limits will be specific to each location and based on the size of the store,” Ms Peters said.

“Our store managers will use common sense discretion to manage this in the interest of community safety.”

It’s understood there will be signage outside the stores and a coned area instructing customers where to queue.

Security guards and police officers will also be used to help manage the queues outside stores at peak times.

“We know it may take some getting used to but we ask our customers to be patient with us during this time,” Ms Peters said.

“We also encourage everyone to be community minded when queuing.”

Supermarkets overseas have successfully adopted similar measures during the coronavirus pandemic.

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We willing to follow their rules, as long the supermarket stock up. What the point of queing for long hours and you cannot buy anything from them….

Queuing is worse puts more people together in one spot dumb idea

I fully agree it’s going To make people gathered up in a queue that will be so long what about when that line starts hitting roads also putting people’s safety at risk The social distancing is common sense and unfortunately common sense is not always possible for some but if the supermarkets think of this as a great idea I would have To question their common sense it’s not a great idea I think just kick out people who are not following The social distancing rules and I’m sure if people with common sense see The store has To many people inside they would wait in their car or outside in a safe place distancing from others or come back later not rocket science

The thought of queueing up to do my groceries – horrendous. Please have a booking system so I can make an appointment and wait in my car if needed. I dont want to stand in a line waiting!!! Makes a nightmare out of the only outing every week or two.

Ann you are a stupid women

says the person who doesn’t know how to use the word women properly. fyi, it should be woman, woman is singular, women is plural. I wouldn’t expect someone like you to understand that though.

They dont even have the products u need any more cleaning products loo paper papee towels etc etc all gone its very rare they restock those items always shelves bare.

Why on earth aren’t they using the on line ordering and delivery???

Having people IN the store is as bad as people standing OUTSIDE the store.

We all need food. Kids and old people CAN NOT stand waiting like this.

This will purely encourage people to bulk buy and clear the shelves of the essentials all over again.Why queue 3 times a week when you can queue just once by bulk buying? It will be panic buying under a different guise.

How does this work for disabled and elderly that have carers, when it comes to their turn for entry do they have to continue to wait so that they are not overcrowding the store?

Having to line up will only make people jump in their car to find a shorter line elsewhere……..so so good for the geographical/social isolation situation. Why not just go to 24hr trading that would increase the time frames dilute the patrons and open up more jobs etc. Makes much more sense I feel. Cheers Davo

I went shoppingat 7am i am on a pension i get to the shop and no b…….dy toilt paper or sugar or flour so disappointed

Learn to spell before you make a comment you get free parking free travel grow up and be a human

Grow up all of you ..be thankful we are not in full lockdown. At least u have access to a supermarket. Loo paper is the least of this world’s worries. In the mths to come

Coles and Woolies have got us by the short and curlys,use IGA,.they`re better anyway!

I really hope that you shops will start with more SA products and you actually perhaps put the Aussie flag next to it…and everything is Australien . Not made in A…but with ingredients from any asian country…a bit much to ask for ..but b….. important ..regards me x