Woolworths introduces special shopping hour for the elderly and disabled amid coronavirus crisis

Woolworths has announced that they will be introducing a dedicated shopping hour across its stores to ensure the elderly and people with a disability don’t miss out on essential items, as shoppers continue to wipe supermarket shelves clean amid the coronavirus crisis.

From Tuesday, until at least Friday, Woolworths Supermarkets will be opening exclusively for the elderly and those with a disability to shop from 7am to 8am.

According to the supermarket, the move has been prompted by the unprecedented demand in supermarkets over the past week, which has seen many elderly and vulnerable people in the community miss out on vital items they may need when they shop.


“While we’ll continue to do our very best to restock our stores during this period of unprecedented demand, we know many of our elderly customers have been missing out on essential items when they shop,” Woolworths Supermarkets Managing Director Claire Peters said.

“This temporary measure will give them, and those with a disability, the opportunity to shop before ​our stores officially open… helping them obtain the ​essential ​items they need most in a less crowded environment.”

Ms Peters says she encourages Australians to be mindful of those in our communities who might need extra help at this time.

“Now – more than ever – we need to be kind to each other, especially to those most vulnerable,” she siad.

After the dedicated shopping hour, Woolworths Supermarkets will open to ​all customers from 8am.

“Access to the store prior to this time will require a relevant Government issued concession card,” Ms Peters said.

The revised opening hours will remain in place at this stage until this Friday, when Woolworths will review the opening arrangements again.

The move has already been praised by hundreds of people online, with calls for Coles to follow suit.

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Thank you, this will also help reduce the risk to elderly and disabled by reducing their risk of catching the virus, as they will only mix with those who are also self isolating. Well done !

If everyone calmed the f##k down and took the nek level panic buying to a lower standard and didn’t do it at all it’s all in people’s head come on what ever happened to the recent talks about climate change bushfires and the floods you ain’t hearing nothing about this anymore I think this thing is just a big cover up to hide that climate change subject

Thank you Woolies good to see someone is thinking outside the box.

I have a disability, cannot walk far & parking permit only. No Govt help or “a card” as my husband still works. Can I enter.

I am the same can we go or not?

Hi sue how are you..Did you get a response on that yet?My partner is in the same boat..

Can your husband shop during ordinary opening times to save you the hassle?

hopefully they clarify this as there are many people with disabilties who may not have a concession card and im sure elderly people who dont have a agedpension

That fine for seniors that get payed this wk what about us that don’t get any money till next wk .not everyone is payed same wk . Be nice to get food and goods but no money till next wk .well done woollies.

My mum is nearly 91 and there is no way she could get to the shops by that time of morning. She gets up early and by the time she has breakfast and pills etc its just impossible. As much as this is thoughtful and kind perhaps a better time would suit most oldies.

My Suggestion is, someone might be able to help her set up an online shopping to do it for her, then the groceries will be delivered to her doorstep at the given specific time she requested for. She does not have to go to the grocery to shop, there is such thing as Woolies online shopping.

do a home delivery shop for her

Yes, I understand Robyn, but the problem is that the supermarkets unload their stocks onto shelves early in the morning and people have been clearing all the stock by 9.00am. There is no point in making a later time for the elderly as there will be no stock left then.

Yes I agree with that and don’t know what the solution is. If necessary i’ll do home delivery and include her groceries but I feel for the ones that don’t have anyone. Maybe there could be Adopt a Granny or Grandpa group for those? 🙂

Bring out the WW2 Ration Books or Concession Cards. Alleluia!

Please, Please no more indolent, disconnected Bog Roll Governments. They really are Rubbish.

Foro los of us, will be IMPOSIBLE in that time BECAUSE not care worker could comes so early.

Please, Please No more Bog Roll Governments. They really are Rubbish.
WOT no WW2 Ration Books – I thought they were left in Blighty after 1945,

My care worker ir coming never before 9.00am. so..is imposible for me to go so early.i am 87 years old.

Surely your carer could com earlier for one day

That’s not how it works. The care worker might have 10 other people to visit that day

Thankyou Woolworths, i am an elderly lady and sick of trying to buy essential items. and the rude customers that try and almost knock me to the ground to get them. much appreciated

Corrie Ancone i think till 9am (2hour window) would be more physically mentally useful to those in need l!!

Can Woolworths state what is considered a relevant government issued concession card. For example does Commonwealth Seniors Health Card apply ?

I have stage iv terminal bowel cancer and pallative. I have no government concession card and not entitled to it as government
Says cancer is not a disability. I guess cancer patients miss out again. Government still doesn’t care about the dying.

Thanks Woolworths but are we guaranteed to be able to get toilet paper on these days as I know my nearest Woolworths don’t put it out until 10-10.30

What a great initiative, even though people seem to think it is a bit early. Maybe their carers could extend their courtesy to start their day early to help those they care for.

Disgusting Woolies. A 67 y.o. aged Pensioner in perfect health gets to shop unhindered and a 90 y.o. self-funded retiree has to fight the masses. Disgusting.

Here here pete. Us people who worked our guts out all our lives and live of our super get NOTHING . So ufair , they support all the bludgers.

I read in the SMH that senior’s cards are accepted (which I believe people over 60 who are retired / not working over some amount of hours can have) and they only had to introduce the cards to enter stop people trying to take advantage of this when they aren’t actually elderly or disabled. Also, if someone looks obviously old, they will let them in.

Is this ALL Woolworths supermarkets?

I was thinking the supermarkets could have a carpark sale on toilet paper because really there’s not enough shelving in the store just dump pallets and pallets and pallets and Limit one roll or packet per person until it’s all sorted out.

Does this include people with children that have disabilities?

No only the elderly and disabled could you imagine if it was for,anyone with a carers card the shops would be full again be a bit realistic its good they are doing this

That would be discrimination. Carers should be able to shop for the disabled people, including disabled children.

Is this being rolled out right across Australia?

Hopefully rolled out with toilet rolls ?

Just wondering if elderly are able to shop at 7 am and most shops open at 6am how will this help the elderly if people clear the shelves at 6am

Why aren’t cancer patients classed as vulnerable??

wonderful gesture. Impossible for us as we live in the bush BUT with online shopping it has worked for us. Thanks Woollies maybe extra country delivery days would also help IF needed. also delivery free for now

Just not good enough, Woolies! Go back to the drawing board!!

I work in a group home with disability young boys can i go at that time

Will this be happening in Hervey Bay queensland please

Does a Seniors card count – I’m over 65 but the pension was set back to July.

How is elderly defined – 60, 65, 70?

Imo elderly not till 85 wish people would stop saying that we r seniors

Im 66 i don’t have a seniors card can i just show my license

Does this include Senior Card holders? I over 60, but not on a pension or have a disability. Would prefer to shop before work, as there won’t be much left by the time I finish. Thank you.

This is great idea but far to really for some with disability to has be someone help get them up and prepare, they are reliant on others and this time isn’t convenient. Can cares go to get things for their clients at this time??

How the f##k does my 92yo mother do this – up at 5am? Geez

That’s all well and good, but what about the over 70 , that don’t have a pension card, are we discriminate against again .

Congratulations to Woolworths, the first to start this plan, as well as their toilet paper delivery to Meals on Wheels recipients.

Great but how about ordering more essentials from your DC stores and getting more trucks in so that the rest of us Non h***ders and Non Elderly or disabled can get some too.

Are all Woolworth stores nationwide doing this for the elderly and the disabled?

Why bother Woolworths??
If you really want to help our elderlies and disabilities you could consider to give them a decent time like mid day or early afternoon shopping.
Seems so cruel to expect them to come to the shop early in the morning.
It’s not only torturing them physically but mentally as well.

I’m on disability support pension am I eligible to shop at 7am

Does this apply to disability support pensions

Yes it does ?

can you enter at the 7am if my husband has a seniors card or 61 years old…….also i have a disability parking permit due to not been able to walk for to long due to nerve damage in legs if i show it can i go in early

I’m more than happy to pick elderly person up and help I’m on disability too but I’m willing to help I’m going to Seaford one on nepean hwy

So is it holders of Seniors cards and disability cards, or pension card holders? What happens to the 70+ folk who are self funded… just because they’re not on a pension doesn’t mean they should miss out!

Woolworths Epping Vic. Elderly queued up from 6.20 am Tuesday 17/03/2020 to be informed at 6.40 am that the Woolsworth’s delivery team had failed to deliver stock overnight and that the shelves were empty. So the elderly was sadly failed by Woolworths. Thanks Woolies.

Go to coles

Great idea but an epic fail today as alteast 100 people waiting and rush was just as bad. Trolleys hitting people and toilet paper gone in less than minute. Cards werent checked for people with disability . Allowing anyone with a consession card to go in. Its so sad that so many basic everyday items have become hard to get and continues to cause arguments and fighting amongst people in the supermarkets. Sadly this didn’t work today and all I got was hit by trolleys to my backside and back of my ankles.

Does department of veterans affairs t.p.i gold card qualify for the early pensioner hour in the morning

That’s really great. Thank you Woolworths.
I’m a career for my mother who is in her 70s.
I Will take her at 7am tomorrow to Woolworths.
Thanks once again.

Sorry but dapto woolworths didnt have stuff on shelves at all. No diffetence to yesturday. They are a joke. 30 packs of 4 toilet rolls. No hand sanitisers. Why do they think the 7am to 8am are going to do any good. Close store restock store and then let the elderly and disable people in and hopefully that eould be better.

My clients with disabilities were mot allowed by Woolworths because they are are less than 60s.

You MUST have a concession card issued b the Government!