Woolworths lifts final coronavirus purchase limits

Woolworths has announced it will lift all remaining purchasing limits introduced during the COVID-19 panic-buying spree.

Restrictions on antibacterial wipes, hand wash and frozen fruit will be removed from today.

“This is a big milestone and a positive sign following months of hard work from our teams and significant support from our suppliers to ensure the replenishment of our shelves during a period of extraordinary demand,” Woolworths Supermarkets Managing Director Claire Peters said.


“We are thankful to everyone for their patience with us over these last few months.”

Supermarkets around the country were forced to place limits on a range of products at the height of the coronavirus pandemic as millions of Australians hoarded essential items, which saw shelves stripped bare.

Stock levels across the major supermarkets have now returned to normal.

Woolworths says that existing product limits that were in place prior to COVID-19 panic-buying will remain in place, including restrictions on baby formula.

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