Woolworths reacts to customer anger

Woolworths has bowed to pressure, announcing Rewards Card holders and Qantas Frequent Flyer members will once again be able to convert Woolworths Dollars into Qantas Points.

The retail giant announced on Tuesday that it would continue its six year association for at least another three years.



Less than two months ago customers reacted angrily after Woolworths announced it was revamping its loyalty program to exclude frequent flyer points.

Customers would still be able to earn Woolworths Dollars but from January 1 can choose to automatically convert those to Qantas points.

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Now what are they going to do about these hot chooks rising in price and no more cheap Tuesday……

Just to clarify – this great deal – you need to have $10 in those stupid orange Woolworths dollars (which are only on a miniscule range of products you probably don’t want, or need) to get 870 Frequent Flyer Points. But if you want a $10 Woolies voucher that will cost 1500 Frequent Flyer Points. This is still a complete joke. All Woolworths have done is upset millions of people. Just admit you stuffed up, and bring back the old scheme.

Yay so gald I can still collect Qantas points. Really turned me off Woolies.

Save your money and travel with a cheaper airline.

Glad they have renegotiated with Qantas now they just need to keep going and make the orange sticker items people need or want and stop putting up the prices before they are stickered!!!

Great, like want us points better