Woolworths shoppers forced to abandon trolleys amid IT glitch

Shoppers have been left in a spin, after an IT glitch forced Woolworths stores across Australia to close their doors.

People have complained of being forced to abandon their trolleys full of the weekly shop and told to come back in 15-minutes, only to return to find their trolleys gone.

The technical issue shut down registers and meant payments could not be processed


The supermarket giant issued a statement confirming “an IT issue impacted registers at around half (of their) supermarkets nationwide”.

Woolworths claims it was only “for a short period of time” and that registers were back online by 5pm.

Some customers took to the company’s Facebook page or Twitter to express their outrage at having to go through the hour-long family shop again after their trolley was taken away.

While others were happy to have been given their groceries for free.

Others saw the humour in the “first world problem”.