Work about to begin on Gold Coast’s $18.2m artificial reef

Just days after a cyclone scare for the Gold Coast, a project is underway to install an artificial reef off the coast of Palm Beach.

Once installed, the reef will be able to influence waves and currents to ensure the coastline in protected from the ever present problem of erosion.

The $18.2 million reef will sit 270 metres off the shore from Nineteenth Avenue, spanning 160 metres in length and 80 metres wide.


Mayor Tom Tate launched phase two of the project today, by dropping letters to residents in the area, though physical works wont begin until April.

“The idea here is that this artificial reef, in rock structure, should be maintained and stay here for years to come.

“It’s quite a large structure but we need it, to make sure that this portion of our beach is safe,” Mayor Tate said.

It’s believed the construction will take 18 months, depending on the weather, and barge boats will drop the rocks in the area before they’re strategically arranged.

Meantime, works will get underway tomorrow to restore parts of the coastline that were battered by swells over the weekend.

The worst areas effected were the Narrowneck stretch and Main Beach.

Heavy machinery will bring sand from the Northern Gold Coast down to fill these areas.

Apart from the erosion repairs, Mayor Tate said the Gold Coast was otherwise well prepared for the cyclonic effects.

“It sort of vindicates all your planning, because we’ve done the seawall, an artificial reef in Narrowneck, dredging from both our creeks and rainbowing.

“When you add all that up, it comes to a lot of money, but you know, our coastline has been protected and it’s worth every cent,” Mayor Tate said.