WorkCover to protect ‘mud army’ volunteers during flood clean-up

VOLUNTEERS registered with the Queensland Government to help with the mammoth clean-up following Cyclone Debbie will be covered by WorkCover if they are injured, it has been confirmed.

Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace said the Palaszczuk Government had put in place arrangements with WorkCover Queensland to cover any volunteer registered with a Queensland Government rescue relief operation.

Ms Grace said anyone volunteering through a third party operating on behalf of the government would also be covered by the policy.


“This is about protecting the selfless members of the mud army who are giving up their own time to help cyclone and flood affected Queenslanders get back on their feet,” Ms Grace said.

“Volunteers are working in tough conditions throughout Queensland to help those in the community who quite often have lost everything, so it’s only fair we look after them.”

Ms Grace said the cover is for statutory benefits only, with benefits paid by WorkCover governed by legislation and dependent on the volunteer’s individual employment situation.

“The policy will run for an initial period of three months and after that we’ll look at a possible extension, depending on how the recovery is going,” she said.

“It’s very important that volunteers comply with workplace health and safety requirements to protect themselves against hazards in flood affected zones.

“Make sure you wear personal protective equipment such as chemical resistant gloves, protective eyewear, closed footwear and long-sleeved shirts and pants to minimise exposure to skin.

“Our mud army volunteers are going the extra yard to help their fellow Queenslanders in need, and the Palaszczuk Government is supporting them every step of the way.”