Workshop series “Hi-Lights” new public art on the Gold Coast

If you have taken a drive along the Pacific Highway, or near the airport on the Gold Coast Highway, you may be familiar with the cool public artworks that have recently popped up.

Called HI-LIGHTS, the $2 million installation by LOE-TK features 101 uniquely arranged highway light poles that spell out ‘Gold Coast’ and ‘GC’ respectively.

The artworks were designed to be bookends to the city and were commissioned by the State Government and City of Gold Coast last year.


Ahead of the official unveiling of the new installations, City of Gold Coast have announced they will be hosting a free program of activities and events over the next two weeks.

City of Gold Coast Gateway

PHOTO: Supplied | City of Gold Coast

Bleached Arts and Relative Creative will be putting on Lo-Fi Exchange workshops from 17-25 February at the northern and southern ends of the Gold Coast.

Division 11 Councillor Hermann Vorster said the workshops were a great opportunity for locals to get familiar with the artwork through conversation about identity, sense of place and legacy.

“HI-LIGHTS will bookend the city perfectly and this is a great opportunity for people to get excited about the artwork which will no doubt become iconic features of the Gold Coast.”

Suitable for all ages, the Lo-Fi Exchange workshop series, held across two locations, encourages participants to think and talk – through storytelling, art and design – about the Gold Coast’s history, identity and future.

Relative Creative Co-Director Tristan Schultz said the workshops were created to build community authorship, ownership, and custodianship of the HI-LIGHTS installation.

“Inspired by LOT-EK’s ingenious HI-LIGHTS creation, we’ve created a space for locals to design, craft and engineer their future Gold Coast, whilst engaging in meaningful conversation with other members of the community about what we want our city to be remembered for,” Mr Schultz said.

Co-curator Louise Bezzina, Artistic Director of Bleach* Festival, said the free program was designed to unpack and celebrate the City’s exciting new bookends.

“With it set to become a postcard image of the Gold Coast, now’s the time to contemplate what it means to mark our city’s boundaries in this way, and to encourage community conversation about what we want the Gold Coast to be.”

The Lo-Fi Exchange workshops are suitable for all ages and are on offer in the following locations:

Ormeau Community Centre & Skate Park
When: 17 and 18 February 2018
Time: 10:00am – 2:00pm

Kirra Surf Life Saving Club
24 and 25 February 2018
10:00am – 2:00pm

For more information, visit:

This is a sponsored editorial brought to you by  Bleach* Festival.