World class ‘Rail Trail’ locked in for Northern NSW

A world class walking and cycling trail between Murwillumbah and Crabbes Creek how now been set in stone.

The NSW Government has confirmed $7.8 million in funding for the construction of the Tweed stage of the Northern Rivers Rail Trail project.

The money will go towards transforming 24 kilometres of disused rail corridor to be redeveloped into a shared use rail trail.


Member for Tweed Geoff Provest says it’s a very exciting project for the region.

“When completed, the Tweed stage of the Northern Rivers Rail Trail will connect Murwillumbah with the villages of Stokers Siding, Burringbar, Mooball and Crabbes Creek, providing a great recreation and tourist destination for locals and visitors.

“Rail trails are popular around the world for walking, cycling and horse riding as they encourage healthy lifestyles while also boosting local tourism, which brings dollars into the region, support local jobs and attracts further investment.

“The Tweed stage will help drive growth for the regional NSW visitor economy and increase tourist numbers to the Northern Rivers, which in the coming years will be more important than ever, in the wake of the current COVID-19 crisis,” Mr Provest said.

Deputy Premier John Barilaro says the construction will support local jobs, and will eventually attract tens of thousands of visitors a year once completed.

“The Northern Rivers region will benefit greatly from this rail trail, with the health benefits it will delivery and the tourism dollars it will generate helping local communities travel further along on the long road to recovery.

“I thank Tweed Shire Council for its commitment to this project and very much look forward to visiting and enjoying a walk or ride along the Tweed Stage rail trail when it is completed,” Mr Barilaro said.

There’s just one final hurdle to jump before construction can get underway, with the NSW Government now having to amend legislation to formally close the railway line between Murwillumbah and Crabbes Creek.

This process has also been slightly pushed back due to the COVID-19 adjournment of Parliament.

Construction is expected to begin shortly after the legislative amendment is approved, which is expected later this year.

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Joke the train should be put back on and go to Goldy airport this rail trail will be a white elephant that only a few yuppie s will use and fall into disrepair and local councils will have to foot the bill for the upkeep of mateniece the railway would bring billions not millions in tourist and local dollars

yuppies using an old decrepit rail line that will take twice as long to get to Gold Coast airport than a car — you must be joking. Of course it will be white elephant. Also, forget about freight. Trucks on the M1 are now the go. They get there quicker. Freight trains and a chicken s*** broken down train line is what it is now, and it will always remain that way until the population quadruples. Dream on. By the way- have you ever been to a country with hi speed trains. If you haven’t – go to Japan and investigate how a hi speed train system works. 1. 5 times our population. 2. 300kph trains. 3 small country – bad luck you struck out – goodbye. By the way there are several other prerequisites, but Australia does not qualify, but you have already struck out.

Unbelievable waste of money. Whoever made this decision knows very little about human nature and what people really enjoy.

The money should be put into rail and there should be a connection to Queensland gold coast plans that were put to the community many years England rail trails are going back to rail operations