World leaders pledge $420M in conditional aid to Lebanon

Multiple countries have promised millions of dollars in aid to Lebanon following last week’s deadly explosion, but will only hand it over on one condition: reform.

More than $400 million is ready to go for the country to help the city of Beirut, which was all but destroyed after 2,700 tonnes of ammonium nitrate exploded in a warehouse at the port.

Over 157 people were killed in the explosion last Tuesday, while windows shattered in buildings more than 15 kilometres away.


Amongst the dead, was a two year old Australian boy.

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Overnight, France and the United Nations organised a virtual conference which involved over 30 participants, including Australia, to discuss differed aid measures.

$420 million was offered in emergency humanitarian aid, along with help to carry out a credible and independent investigation into the explosion.

But, donors say the money won’t been made available until Lebanese authorities commit to the changes and reforms that are being demanded by mourning protesters in the country.

Hundreds of people were involved in violent demonstrations over the last few days, calling for

Over the weekend, multiple government ministers resigned, which could force the cabinet to step down and go into care taker mode.