World surfing champion Adriano de Souza announces retirement

WORLD surfing champion Adriano de Souza has confirmed he will retire from the sport.

The Brazillian champ announced on Thursday the 2021 season would be his last after 15 years on tour.

“A number of things made me come to this decision,” De Souza said in an online press conference from his home.


“For the past 15 years, I gave my life to surfing and was completely dedicated. I lived surfing in a 1000% way. Competing without passion is not the attitude of a champion, and it doesn’t match with the energy of the sport. Now I would like to try some other things, like being part of a special event without so much pressure or go on a surf trip with friends.

“I want to celebrate these past 15 years – during this time I built relationships around the whole world, with loved ones, and developed a strong connection with family, friends and fans,” continued De Souza.

“My expectations are high right now, especially for Saquarema, where I believe it will be so intense. This ‘goodbye’ vibe will give me good energy for an excellent 2021 season.”

De Souza inspired a generation of Brazillians since arriving on the world tour in 2006.

The 33-year-old grew up in a favela on the edge of Sao Paulo and didn’t gravitate to the ocean until he was eight-years-old when his brother bought him a second-hand surfboard for seven dollars.

By 14, De Souza left home alone to pursue his dream of becoming a pro surfer, finally achieving his lifelong World Title dream during a six-man title showdown at the Pipe Masters in 2015.