World’s biggest plane touches down in Australia for the first time

The biggest plane on the planet has touched down in Australia in front of almost 20,000 screaming spectators.

The giant Antonov An-225 landed in Perth at around 11.30am local time on Sunday with a 120-tonne power generator on board after making the long journey from central Europe.

The king of the skies, weighing 600-tonne, departed Kiev Airport in Ukraine on Tuesday and flew to Prague to collect the massive generator.


The aircraft, which is fitted with six turbofan engines required to power it through the sky, stopped to refuel in Turkmenistan, Hyderabad and Kuala Lumpur before the final 4000 kilometre journey to Perth.

It is estimated that up to 20,000 spectators and keen plane-spotters gathered at the Western Australian capital airport in the hope to catch a glimpse of the one-of-a-kind aircraft which measures 84 metres long and has 32 landing wheels and a wingspan of 88 metres.

The Antonov An-225 was the only plane in the world big enough to transport the 120-tonne generator to Australia.

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