Wounded by a weekend of woe

IN the space of 48 hours Gold Coast sporting fans have had to endure a most unenviable trifecta.

First the Suns give up a five goal lead to lose by four goals, then later that night our aussie cricketers show a similar amount of ticker and concede the first Ashes Test to England by 169 runs.

Oh yeh, then on Monday night the Titans get embarrassingly thumped by over 30 points by the visiting Sea Eagles.


…I had such high hopes for my sporting weekend heading into Saturday.

It was meant to start with an emphatic Ablett-led Suns victory, the kind that made the footy world take notice.

Of course such a win was meant to be followed by a brilliant double-century from Steve Smith as he and Michael Clarke showed guts, skill and determination to lead Australia to a memorable first test victory.

Finally my weekend was to end last night, with the beleaguered and bloodied Titans digging deep, finding the will to win with half a first grade side against the Daly Cherry-Evans led Sea Eagles and regaining some measure of self-respect after being so publicly rejected by the star playmaker.

Sometimes it really is so hard to be a footy fan on the Gold Coast.

Yes there were excuses (at least for the Suns and the Titans) for losing at the weekend, and for their seasons in general.

But good teams find a way to win when things aren’t going their way.

The Coast so desperately needs that.

Where was our 20,000 passionate fans collectively heckling DCE every time he was passed the ball?

Where were our plane-loads of committed Suns fans making a long-weekend out of the teams’ annual trip to Cairns?

…and where was Watto’s willow!

Back to footy here on the Gold Coast and the Titans and Suns must both lift their games.

It is not enough to be good sometimes, it is not enough to sell hope.

You must build hope in the form of consistency.

THAT is what creates hope.

Not jersey sales or membership numbers.

Great efforts create hope, inspired efforts that when all put together form a win.

Even gutsy losses can build hope.

But not embarrassing ones. Not ones that highlight a lack of effort or endeavour.

They spread like cancer through a team, club and town.

Both clubs have done a lot of soul-searching this season already, but more needs be done evidently.

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