What is wrong with Gold Coast drivers?

In the last 24 hours, I have witnessed some of the most ridiculous behavior on the roads I’ve seen in my 20-odd years of driving.

And – I’ve had enough.

It’s time to call on Gold Coast drivers to get your act together, or we’re going to see an increased number of reports of road rage in the nightly news.


For me this week, first, there was the roundabout honker. We both approached the roundabout at roughly the same time. Both of us were going straight, but we were at right angles to each other – she going west to east, me going south to north.

We both entered the roundabout at virtually the same time.

We both had plenty of room, and there was never any danger of us colliding.

But apparently Miss Silver Wagon, loitering on my right, felt that I should have waited until she’d completed her journey before I entered the circle of trust, so she honked at me as she sailed through the roundabout (well behind me, I might add).

Clearly, she was under the mistaken assumption that we should always give way to our right on roundabouts. This is not the rule – we should give way only to vehicles already on the roundabout, and as this handy dandy video shows, she might have been required to give way to me.

She wasn’t the only driver to honk me this week – I was also on the receiving end of a royal tooting when I carefully drove around another vehicle, which was blocking an intersection.

The final straw in terms of rudeness on the roads happened this morning. Driving the kids to school, I saw the driver of the vehicle in front of me wind down his window and piff an empty cup of Starbucks out onto someone’s lawn.

Really? In 2017, really? Do people still do this? Has clean up Australia Day taught us nothing?!

Throwing your garbage out the window isn’t just gross and environmentally hazardous, it’s also lazy and hugely inconsiderate.

I’ve lived in many different cities in my time, but I have to say the Gold Coast takes the cake for crazy, chaotic and downright inconsiderate drivers.

A little less distracted driving and a little more courtesy on the road could go a long way towards creating a more harmonious community!

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You forgot to mention people who merge on to freeways below the designated speed limit and people slowing down on the freeway to take an exit, on ramps are there to get you up to 100k as you enter and off ramps are to be used to enter at 100k and then slow down, instead of spending billions on extra lanes so people can sit 4 abreast doing the same speed, how about making them do more than 3 point turns and reverse parking before they get their licence!

And as for people picking kids up from school, parking across driveways then deciding to go with other like minded parents for coffee and just leaving it there for hours!
why not try buying them a bike or building bigger car parks at the schools!

Totally agree!!!!Took my 16 year old out for her 3rd driving lesson and she is now terrified to go on another as she got 3 honks and a driver so far up her backside there is no way he could have seen her L plates….rude, ignorant and inconsiderant sadly.

We don’t give way to people on the right at roundabouts?
How many times have you given way to somebody on your left at a roundabout?
None! Because the traffic only comes from the right unless your going around the roundabout the wrong way!
And you think other drivers are bad?

These are everywhere in Gold Coast and wondering why the news does not really pick them up. While 1 hour driving through GC busy roads you’ll be able to capture tons of rude drivers at once.

Firstly, the fact that you put phones at the top of your list. Do your research & you will find the that THE USE OF PHONES IS THE LOWEST CAUSE OF FATALITIES compared to all other aspects.
Secondly, you are in QLD. THE WORLDS RUDEST & WORST drivers in the world.
PS QLD is the only state in Australia without uniform merging laws.

What a stupid rule. Now we will just have people racing to get on to the round about before you..instead of pulling up and safely assessing the situation.

Couldn’t agree more. Spent a week up there last week and got more full blown honks than I have had in 20 years of driving in Adelaide. Funny considering my driving did not impede with anyone’s path