Xena is a definitive Warrior Princess like no other

In a time of ancient gods, warlords and massive kingdoms of armies roam the lands to conquer villages, a fearless hero is needed to fight back. Enter Xena – the Warrior Princess, who refuses to rest until justice is served. Whether it is to defeat spirits, demons, monsters, immortals and arch-villains, Xena, along with her faithful friend, Gabrielle – travel across the country to fend off evil and saving the lives of the innocent.

The action-adventure supernatural cult TV series from the 1990s gets a fresh lick of paint with a brand new Xena: Warrior Princess – The Ultimate Collection DVD box set. Starring Lucy Lawless as the protagonist hero Xena, you can relive her adventures with her trustworthy ally Gabrielle (Renee O’Connor), as they face the quest for adventure, love, life, death, friends and foes, all while seeking redemption for sins of Xena’s past.

Running for 134 episodes over 6 seasons, Xena: Warrior Princess was produced by Evil Dead and future Spider-Man trilogy director Sam Raimi, and was the ‘go-to’ show for guest and future stars, such as Ted Raimi (SeaQuest DSV), Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead series), Danielle Cormack (Wentworth), Karl Urban (Star Trek, Dredd), Jay Laga`aia (Water Rats, Star Wars), Selma Blair (Hellboy) and many more.


Beautifully presented across 51 discs in its original 4:3 screen ratio format on NTSC, Xena: Warrior Princess – The Ultimate Collection 51 DVD disc set contains all 134 episodes from the 6 seasons, with killer extras to boot, such as:

  • Photo galleries
  • Alternate cuts to various episodes
  • Multiple behind-the-scenes featurettes
  • Interviews with the cast and crew
  • Blooper and outtake reels
  • Fan re-enactments
  • Directors cut of the season finale

And while you’re binging on the series, admire the New Zealand landscape and scenery. You might find some type of middle-earth!

Xena: Warrior Princess – The Ultimate Collection box set from ViaVision and Madman Entertainment, is now available at all good retailers.

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