Xmas shoppers warned not to buy gender stereotype toys

ALL a little girl really wants for Christmas is a pink barbie doll and shiny jewellery, but the ‘No Gender December’ campaign is telling us different.

Greens Senator Larissa Waters is urging parents and Christmas shoppers to rethink buying gender-stereotyped toys including dolls for girls, linking them to domestic violence and pay inequality.

“While the starkly separate aisles of pink and blue might seems harmless, setting such strong gender stereotypes at early ages can have long-term impacts, including self-perception and career aspirations.”


The ‘No Gender December’ web based campaign, founded by Thea Hughes and Julie Huberman, calls on retailers to stop using old-fashioned gender stereotypes as marketing ploys this festive season.

Huberman stated, “These stereotypes are so outdated. It’s 2014, women mow lawns and men push prams, we’ve moved on but the toy companies haven’t.”

Girls toys are listed as dolls, prams and princesses and boys toys are listed as action figures, planes and trucks.

The campaign is also urging federal parliamentarians to introduce legislation that would ban retailers from marketing toys to children along gender lines.

It is understood the Greens have not yet formed a position on whether the minor party would support any legislative changes.

Will there be barbie dolls and monster trucks under your Christmas tree this year?