XXXX boss says brewery strike action won’t affect supply

If you’re a XXXX drinker who has been hyperventilating over the prospect of missing out on your favourite amber ale due to impending strike action; never fear!

The director of the Milton Brewery insists beer supplies will not be affected when almost 100 workers walk off the job on Monday, fed up with job insecurity and threats to their conditions.

Around 40 jobs have been cut at the XXXX brewery in recent years and there’s mounting speculation the Queensland icon plans to take some operations interstate.


Workers who want their concerns heard have chosen a critical time to ‘down tools’ – one week out from the start of the Commonwealth Games.

But Brewery director Irene Bell issued a statement on Tuesday afternoon, insisting “beer will continue to flow in Queensland”.

“Despite potential stop work action… there will be no issue at all with supply in the state,” Ms Bell said.

She also took the extraordinary step of disclosing the salary of some workers, while making it clear that the strike will not force the company’s hand.

“Our team have very well-paid jobs, with brewery operators typically earning between $100,000 and $130,000 per annum, with great conditions and we are not proposing to change these.”

“Everyone in the Brewery can also get more than 50 free cartons of XXXX Gold a year, to share with friends and family.

“We’re proud of our long history of creating a great working environment.

“In response to some union officials’ scaremongering, let me say again: XXXX was born here, it’s brewed here and the Brewery’s not going anywhere.”

To reinforce the brewery’s commitment to the Sunshine State, Ms Bell revealed the company is about to launch a new advertising campaign highlighting the near 140 year history of Castlemaine Perkins and XXXX Brewery.