Yamaha life jacket recalled over drowning fears

A Yamaha branded lifejacket has been recalled by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission over fears it might not inflate, posing a possible drowning risk.

The Yamaha red manual inflatable lifejacket, with a batch number of 131017, was found to possibly be missing the CO2 inflation cylinder.

“A supply process error resulted in some lifejackets being supplied without the CO2 inflation cylinder,” The ACCC said.


“The lifejacket will not inflate as expected without the cylinder.

“This could lead to an increased risk of drowning.”

PHOTO: www.productsafety.gov.au

The affected lifejackets were available for sale around the country from 1 March 2018 to 14 June 2018.

People are being urged to check their life jacket for a batch number and cylinder. If yours is affected, customers are being urged to return the lifejacket to the place of purchase for a replacement product or installation of an inflation cylinder.