‘Yelling, sirens and bangs’ to be heard coming from Suncorp Stadium today

Members of the public have been warned not to be alarmed if they hear yelling, raised voices, loud noises, sirens and bangs coming from Suncorp Stadium today.

The reason is because the Queensland Police service will be conducting a training exercise at the stadium in Milton from 10am to 2pm.

In a statement, police said that people can expect to hear loud noises and will notice a heavy presence of emergency service vehicles and officers in the area.


“Police participating in the exercise will be carrying training weapons which contain simunition rounds (similar to paint rounds) – these are incapable of firing real ammunition,” the statement reads.

“Members of the public will also notice a large number of police officers and vehicles travelling to Suncorp Stadium, as well as other emergency services.”

Queensland Police said that they regularly conduct exercises to give officers realistic scenario based training and development, to continually improve how police respond to high risk scenarios.