Yes, there actually is a pill to make your farts smell like roses

Are you stuck for a Christmas present this year?

An artist and inventor from France has developed a variety of pills aimed at making people’s ‘farts’ smell sweeter, the sweetest Christmas gift on shelves, according to the 65-year-old inventor.

There are multiple scents to choose from with one of the most popular labelled as the scent of ‘roses’.


For this year’s festive season however, there has been a new product added to the range, titled “The Father Christmas fart pill that gives your farts the scent of chocolate”.

The benefits of the pills are not only to ease the smell of your perfume puffs, but also help with the easing of indigestion and reduction of gas and bloating.

The idea for the pills happened one evening whilst Mr Poincheval was enjoying dinner with some friends.

“Our farts were so smelly we were nearly suffocated. Something had to be done,” Mr Poincheval said.

The pills have been on the market since 2006 with several hundred selling a month.

If you get a sudden whiff of roses or chocolate this Christmas you’ll know why!