You can get hand sanitiser from these local distilleries

If you haven’t been able to find hand sanitiser on the shelf at the supermarket, you might want to check out a local distillery.

A number of distillers in south-east Queensland are producing the alcohol-based product to help fill the shortage of stock.

Here’s where you can get your hands on some (pun intended):


Granddad Jacks
The Miami-based distillers have created their own hand sanitiser that is to the standard of the World Health Organisation and is at 80% ethanol. It’s made with Lemon Myrtle, Grapefruit and Rose Hip and uses all natural ingredients. Price is $35 for a 1 litre bottle. It is selling very fast, but Granddad Jack are constantly releasing new batches and there is a wait list customers can join.
To buy, visit:

Tamborine Mountain Distillery
These guys have converted part of their production facilities over to producing hospital grade (75% Alcohol v/v) hand sanitiser. It is a skin safe formula as recommended by the World Health Organisation. There are 100mL and 240mL bottles available, with prices starting at $12.
To buy, visit:

Wildflower Gin Distilling
This Varsity Lakes based distillery was planning on launching to the world this month, before COVID-19 took over. Instead, they have unveiled plans for a hand sanitiser, which will be available from April 6. The formula follows the World Health Organisation guidelines, with a small touch of Wildflower botanicals and distillers own backyard honey. It comes in a 500ml liquid pouch, and costs $20.
To buy, visit:

Beenleigh Artisan Rum Distillery
Australia’s oldest Distillery started producing bulk hand sanitiser for schools and front line workers, but have also released a range available to the public via Wheel&Barrow. It comes in a carton with 12 x 250ml bottles for $155.40.
To buy, visit:


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You forgot Husk distillery, best value $10.00 for 200mls and it’s ready now, pick up or post out. Just over the border from coolangatta.

They’re sold out sadly.

does this place have a web link,
i was going to resort to buying my own.

The price is an rip off on wheel and borrow website.

Yes support of exploiters

so realistically its $155.00 for 2.5 litres of hand sanitiser.

im a health care worker,
helping protect people from getting this disease,


every place Iv seen online selling it is absolutely extorting everyone.

please don’t insult peoples intelligence by saying “you’re doing it to help keep the country safe.

ur prices are no different to other online marketing

Brisbane Distillery has 20 litres for $325 for healthcare workers.

They’ve lost me as a customer for any items.
Good luck and thank you for the work you do.

Spot On !!!

I forgot to Thank You. Genuinely from the Bottom of my Heart for all that you are doing to help those in need during this dark period and also at all other times. To you and all other Health Care Workers across the World.

Totally agree. Most disgusting one I saw was giant chemist at harbourtown selling “PAPER” face masks for $100.
Highway robbery. Disgraceful!!!!

What about WA

Check on a WA website. Look for WA distillers. This is a Gold Coast page.

At $51.80 a Litre. You guys are Saints. I bet you’re “PROUD to be doing what you can to help out the Country” You Deserve a Knighthood after being “SO KIND”

Price Gouging and Ripping Off Vulnerable People in what is the darkest times we’ve faced since the World Wars.

Well Done ??? beenleighrumdistillers

Have you checked before publishing ? They all sold out already ?

What about Husk? They’re doing one too

Hope they all sleep well with their pricing so called helping the community.
These distilleries are helping themselves in fact. Shameful

The fact that the government can’t ensure a reliable supply of such an important hygiene aid shows they are either corrupt, or at best, incompetent. Why can’t the synthetic metho manufacturers just withhold the poisonous additives and make pure ethanol for hand sanitizers?