You can now get paid to sit and create memes all day

So, it turns out the dream job really does exist.

A company in New York is currently on the hunt for a full-time meme content writer – and no, i’m really not joking.

Memebase, a company based in Brooklyn, wants to PAY SOMEONE thousands of dollars to sit in a snazzy office and create hilarious internet memes all day.


There’s even a proper job ad for the role, with a special call out to “internet nerds” who want to work in a “fun and creative work environment, making content that people want to read.”

“Memebase is the dank wing of the Cheezburger family, specializing in Internet culture and meme trends,” the job ad reads.

“We’re looking for highly motivated candidates to bring their unique perspective of the Internet to life.”

According to Memebase, the successful candidate will be working on “lists, articles, videos and whatever we end up choosing to do on any given day”, with one of the requirements that you will need to “work within the team to brainstorm the next fun/dumb thing”.

The best part? Along with the $45,000 annual salary, the company is also promising Dental, Life, Medical, and Vision benefits.

And there’s more good news for those who haven’t been to university, with the job listing stating that a college degree is preferred, but not required.