You could skydive into the next Titans game!

Are you a Titans fan who has always wanted to skydive?

One lucky Gold Coaster will get to join 1029 Hot Tomato breakfast announcer Christo for a money can’t buy skydiving experience at the next Titans home game.

The radio host was left stunned on air this morning, after he was tricked into “dropping in” to the Titans V Warriors game on Sunday 5 September.


After claiming all season that he was the local side’s “lucky charm”, Jarrod Wallace wanted to guarantee Christo would be at the game.

“If we win tonight, we have to win again next week at home, so will you drop in there and watch our game next week. It’s a do or die for us Christo, you have to be there,” the NRL star said on 1029 Hot Tomato this morning.

“What about if I made it even easier for you, cause I don’t trust you at all to drop in next week, I will organise the transport. I will get you there and I will get great seats. Will you drop in then?”

After Christo agreed, Jarrod revealed the transportation he had arranged was actually a skydiving plane, thanks to Gold Coast Skydive.

“So here’s what I am thinking. You know those skydivers Christo, that we’ve seen that land in the middle of the stadium before games… I want that to be you. That’s how much I want you to be at the game next week,” Jarrod said.

“You have said yes. So I am going to organise for you to drop in from, I don’t know even know how high it is, from a plane and you will drop into the middle of Cbus Super Stadium next week for our very last home game. It’s just to make sure you’re there, our good luck charm.”

“It will be unreal, our last home game of the year, there’ll be so many Titans fans there and to see our good luck charm turn up via a skydiving plane will be unreal!”

If you would like to take part in this incredible skydiving experience, stay tuned to 1029 Hot Tomato all long weekend – More details available here!

Listen to Christo’s reaction and hear the full chat below: