You may want to turn off this new iOS 9 iPhone feature before it uses all your data

APPLE last week released its latest mobile operating system which has some amazing new features, however one of them may be costing you.

If you’re the kind of person who chews through your mobile data limit like there’s no tomorrow then there’s something you need to know about Apple’s latest iPhone software.

The new feature is called “Wi-Fi Assist” and it will automatically switch to the mobile network for data if it detects an inconsistent WiFi signal.


The feature is turned on by default and has quietly been eating through the data of many oblivious iPhone users.

For example, if you’re streaming a video on a poor wireless connection, the ‘Wi-Fi assist” kicks in and could quite easily blow your phone bill if you’re unaware.

Users can disable Wi-Fi Assist by opening the Settings app, and tapping on “Mobile”. Wi-Fi Assist is found at the bottom of the page, and can be switched off.