Young boy, 12, attempts to rob store with rifle while ‘high on meth’

A 12-year-old boy attempted to rob a convenience store while high on meth and armed with a rifle on Sunday.

Police say the youngster got away with only sweet treats after he held up the New Zealand ‘Kaitaia’s North Road Dairy’ store at 8.35pm Sunday.

The young boy allegedly presented the rifle at the shopkeeper and demanded money, stuffing sweets into his pockets as he did so.


The shopkeeper was able to chase the youngster out of the shop, before phoning police.

He was tracked down at a home not long after, however became extremely violent when officers attempted to cuff him.

The child spat at the officer, punched him in the face twice and kicked him in the mouth.

Investigations, including how the youngster came to have a firearm are continuing.