A young boy asked his mum for two lunches – she had no idea this is why…

A little boy is being praised online after he asked his mother to pack him two lunches for school.

The youngster’s mum originally thought that her son was just hungry, however she was wrong…

In a post on Facebook, US woman Josette Duran wrote about the moment she discovered her son had been taking an extra lunch to school to feed another little boy in his class who didn’t have enough food.


Dylan: Mama can you make me TWO lunches today?
Me: Are you not getting full boo?
Dyl: Yes Mom its for this boy. He only eats a fruit cup for lunch can you make him lunch too? I don’t think he has lunch money.

I’m so proud of my Son’s heart! He is so kind.

Since being uploaded, the post has since gone viral with more than 2000 likes and hundreds of comments.

“You are precious and you have an amazing son!!! I’m in tears at work right now! 🙂 Much love,” one user wrote.

“U and ur son are exactly the kind of people we all need more of in this heartless world. So amazing!” commented another.

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