Young boy sews hundreds of teddy bears a year to cheer up sick children

When Campbell was just 9-years-old he wanted to buy Christmas presents for sick children in hospital. When he realised he and his family couldn’t afford to buy a present for every child, he did something even more beautiful – he taught himself to sew.

For the past three years, Campbell, who is now 12-years-old, has been making home-made teddy bears in a bid to comfort children in hospital.

Called Project 365, Campbell aims to make 1 teddy bear a day, which adds up to 365 a year.


A heart-warming video of the youngsters work was uploaded to social media by The Feed SBS last month and it has already had more than 32 million views.

“I suppose in a glimpse he makes teddy bears and gives them to children, but what it really is, is he looks at sadness and tries to turn it upside down,” Campbells mum Sonya says in the clip.

Campbell uses his own pocket money to pay for the materials to create the bears as well as donations.

“Being kind and not mean would change the world a lot,” the youngster says.


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