Young boy with terminal cancer finds a love that will melt your heart

An eight-year-old boy with leukemia has found love with his seven-year-old classmate after his parents decided to end his cancer treatment so that he could spend less time at the hospital and more time being an everyday kid.

David Spisak from Virginia was just two years old when he was diagnosed with cancer. Today, six years later, David has gone through two bone marrow transplants and was diagnosed with cancer for a fourth time in March.

Although doctors told David’s parents that he would likely live only four to six weeks without treatment, without any new options and no guarantee that the cancer would not return for a fifth time, they made the decision to terminate the treatments in order to “Let David live as normal and happy a life as he can with all of the experiences an eight-year-old should have.”


As a result of that, David has now had his first date with his school crush Ayla. Ayla started sending cards to David after he had to leave school because of his illness.

The adorable pair enjoyed their first date at a bowling center, with photos of their beautiful encounter now going viral.

David’s mother Amber wrote on Facebook on Sunday: “It started with a phone call properly asking her on a date, a frenzy to pick out the clothes and style his hair just so, a card he made for her and gift and then he began anxiously awaiting for the big moment when she came running to him at the bowling center!

‘There were roses which lead to the most adorable squeal from her and landed him his first kiss on the cheek.”

Amber went on to explain that she had never seen her son so happy.

“He was just so determined for her, he really pushed himself for her. Once we realized that this wasn’t the typical elementary school crush, once we saw this heartfelt connection that they have, we were so happy that she came into his life and that he came to her life for some reason.”

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Photo: Facebook / Demolishing Cancer for David


Photo: Facebook / Demolishing Cancer for David


Photo: Facebook / Demolishing Cancer for David


Photo: Facebook / Demolishing Cancer for David