Young girl forced to hide in strangers home after being approached, told to ‘get in the car’ by men

Police are conducting inquiries after a child was approached by two men in a car.

Around 12.30pm Tuesday 13 October 2015, a 14-year-old girl was walking along Guildford Road, Guildford, when two men in a car pulled up beside her.

The men spoke to the girl for a short period of time, telling her to get into the vehicle.


The girl declined the men’s advances, and ran from the scene before hiding in the front yard of a house further down Guildford Road.

An elderly man noticed the girl hiding and asked her if she was okay. A short time later she left her hiding spot and walked to a relative’s home.

The matter was subsequently reported to police.

Officers are now conducting inquiries into the matter and would like to hear from anyone with information that may assist.

The two men in the car are described as being of Mediterranean/Middle Eastern appearance and aged in their mid 20s, while the car is described as being a charcoal coloured Holden sedan.

The elderly man who assisted the girl is described as being aged in his 70s or 80s and of Caucasian appearance.