Young mother sent to jail for stabbing convicted paeodophile neighbour to death

A single mother-of-five has been jailed for stabbing her neighbour to death after she found out that he was a convicted paeodophile.

Sarah Sands from East London was ‘deeply disturbed’ when she discovered that the man living next door to her and her children was a sex offender with an alleged 24 previous convictions.

Ms Sands told the court that she picked up a kitchen knife and walked next door to where 77-year-old Michael Pleasted lived to ‘scare him’.


However, when she confronted Mr Pleasted because of his sickening crimes he smirked at her.

The single mother then went into a rage and stabbed him to death.

The 32-year-old confessed to the stabbing and was extremely remorseful, which played a big role in her sentencing yesterday, where she was sentenced to just three years behind bars for manslaughter.

‘You were a parent placed under enormous pressure who lost control,’ the Judge said.

On social media Ms Sands was hailed a hero for her actions, with many claiming they would do the same thing in her situation.