Young Qld drivers urged to get the right car insurance

The RACQ has issued a reminder to young drivers to make sure they’re properly insured before getting on the roads.

New research has revealed that around 30 percent of Queensland drivers between the ages of 18 and 25, don’t even know what their comprehensive car insurance even covers them for.

While if young drivers don’t have third-party property damage insurance, they could be liable to cover the costs of luxury vehicles if they’re found at fault in a crash.


Club spokesperson Lucinda Ross says it’s up to both young motorists and their parents to make sure they’ve got the right level of insurance.

“Getting your first car is a really exciting milestone for most young adults, but our research has raised some really big concerns around car insurance and the lack of understanding about what different types cover.

“We’re seeing a lot of young drivers putting themselves at immense financial risk by driving uninsured or under-insured with two thirds simply unaware of what CTP or third-party property damage insurance covers them for.

“Many young drivers purchase second-hand cars and think it just isn’t worth the cost of comprehensive insurance, so hit the road without anything protecting them from footing the bill as an at-fault driver in a crash,” Ms Ross said.

“If a young driver is at fault in a collision, and they don’t have at least third-party property damage insurance, which covers the driver for damage to other vehicles or property that they hit in a crash, then they could be financially liable for the costs of the other party,” she said.

“This could see an 18 year old footing a hefty bill for the rest of their life if they hit a Ferrari, Lamborghini or other luxury car.

“Most people, regardless of their age, would struggle to handle a bill like that, which is why it’s so important mums and dads make sure their young drivers know the difference between CTP and other types of insurance before it’s too late,” Ms Ross said.

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